Help Employees Manage Stress

Help employees manage stress

Stress can cost businesses up to $187 billion a year.* You can help employees take control so they can be at their best.

Stress can be costly. Here’s what you can do.

Stress can affect your business and your employees’ physical health. That’s why Cigna is providing resources that can help people actively take control of their stress. By following an effective plan of action, employees can be at their best, each and every day.

Start your employees on a path to less stress.

Whether or not you partner with Cigna for your employee benefits, we have doctor-approved tools and information that can help your employees manage their stress.

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Our expert shares insights on stress management.

Hear what Cigna's Dr. Stuart L. Lustig has to say about managing stress.

Cigna programs and services for emotional health.

Cigna is committed to helping your employees take control of their health - body and mind. We offer resources to support a person's emotional well-being:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help cope with concerns from family and financial issues to substance use, emotional health, and stress
  • EAP onsite and virtual seminars, consultative services
  • Managing Stress Toolkit
  • Mindfulness and stress management podcasts
  • Lifestyle management programs
  • Critical incident stress management services
  • Disaster Resource Center
  • Community-based support programs such as the Veteran Support Line

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* The cost of work-related stress to society: A systematic review,” Hassard et al., The Journal of Occupational Health Psychology Volume 23. Published January 2018.