Taft-Hartley and Federal Plans

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Taft-Hartley and Federal Plans

We provide exceptional service to our valued fund trustees, administrators, plan professionals, and members.

A strong partner with labor

Cigna provides health benefit services to members covered by Taft-Hartley and Federal plans.

Our customized offerings—medical, pharmacy, care support, wellness, behavioral health and, dental—are delivered through a dedicated team designed to help these unique organizations improve health and well-being, increase member satisfaction, and lower health care costs.

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Health insurance and group benefits for Taft-Hartley and Federal Plans

Plans and Networks

Cigna's large, national provider network and limited, cost-effective networks help to improve member health and help save you money.

Improve Results

Cigna makes wellness easy, with onsite clinics, health screenings, and personal coaching. Our evidence-based programs can help save you thousands of dollars per member, every year.

Funding Options

We help meet the unique financial needs of trust funds by offering funding options, such as stop loss insurance, minimum premium plans and pooled and participating plans.

Shared Administration Repricing Program (SAR)

Our SAR product enables trustees to have oversight of their health care spending while still accessing Cigna’s well-recognized cost control capabilities.

Featured Insights


Strong Leadership and Member Communication

Working with Cigna, a large Taft-Hartley Benefit Trust Fund doubled their savings goal of $7 million, saving $15 million in three years.


Long-Term Stability for the Pipe Industry Health and Welfare Fund of Colorado

Cigna and the Pipe Industry Health and Welfare Fund of Colorado have worked together to develop and execute a multiyear trend management plan designed to reduce health care costs.


Built to Fit: Understanding Wellness in the Building and Construction Trades Industry

Get a better understanding on construction trader workers' views on wellness.

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