Improving Health Through Wellness

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Improving Health Through Wellness

More than just insurance – we help improve health outcomes on a global scale

Cigna's approach to wellness is based on the concept that individuals require health care services along a continuum. We know that wellness and prevention efforts help decrease the need for acute care and chronic condition management down the road.

A culture of well-being is the first step to financial savings through a healthier, more informed population. Employees who are engaged in health and wellness activities can result in improved health and lower costs.


Our solutions can help you control your health care costs

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Our Guiding Principles for Health Improvement Programs

Easy, engaging, and proactive

Healthy choices are convenient for employees with onsite clinics and fitness centers, biometric screenings, and well-being care and coaching designed to inspire improved engagement in their health.

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Measurable and actionable

Reporting provides employers with detailed, actionable intelligence about their health plans, including:

  • How well their current benefit programs are motivating healthier behaviors
  • Short and long-term opportunities to drive engagement and help lower benefit costs

Customized and personal

Each employee has a unique background and needs. Most people engage with their health differently at different stages of their life. We design and implement well-being solutions based on the unique needs and cultures of the people in your employee population.

Focused and goal-oriented

Cigna's engagement solutions link employers and employees with people, programs and personalized support to help them overcome obstacles and reach their health goals.

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Cigna Onsite Health® Centers are designed to help deliver on better savings, outcomes and engagement through an extensive suite of capabilities that provide convenient access to care in the workplace. This helps keep your employees at work when possible and inspire improved engagement in their health, while helping to increase productivity and decrease out-of-pocket medical costs. We provide complete health services that are customized to your organization's unique culture and goals.

Cigna Onsite Health offers holistic, personalized health and wellness services designed to:

  • Improve productivity, lower absenteeism
  • Motivate change through awareness and education
  • Improve outcomes through increased engagement and participation
  • Provide insight-driven, personalized and integrated health care

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Create a culture of well-being in your organization

Contact your broker or connect with a Cigna representative to discuss your organization’s unique needs.

1Cigna 2015 analytics national study evaluating Cigna Health Matters Program. Total savings ranges from 1%–4.0% incremental trend reduction, likely range of savings is 2.7%-3.4% trend impact. Savings is lower if Rx and/or Behavioral is carved out. Individual client/customer results will vary.

2Internal analysis of client’s full year 2015 results compared to 2015 book of business results for clients with Consumer-Driven Health Plans from Consultative Analytics report. Individual client/customer results will vary.

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