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Article | March 2018

Managing Stress Toolkit

Stress is a fact of life. It's your mind's and body's response to demanding situations or events. Not all stress is bad. It can energize you and help you perform at your best. But too much stress, or stress that lasts too long, can take a toll.

At Cigna, through good times and crunch times, we've got your back. This toolkit can help you tame your stress and build skills to better manage future stress.

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness means living in the moment. Practicing mindfulness can help lower your stress levels. Here are some resources and simple, effective exercises1 to manage stress through mindfulness:

Improve your juggling act

Do you feel like you're the star of your own circus? Find help with balancing the demands of work and life.

  • If you have a plan through your employer, check with your Human Resources department, benefits center, or employee assistance program. Find out if your employer-sponsored benefits include resources to help address everyday work/life demands. You might have access to childcare, eldercare, convenience services, and more.
  • Contact your local United Way for information on community resources. They may offer a community database for finding services and programs.

Strengthen your coping skills

Find more help through coaching and other resources.

  • If you have a plan through your employer, check with your Human Resources department, benefits center, or employee assistance program. Ask if your employer-sponsored benefit program offers coaching. You may have access to telephone-based and or online coaching programs for managing stress.
  • Access Cigna Healthy Rewards® Program. If you're a Cigna customer, you can find services that promote well-being, offered through Cigna Healthy Rewards®.

Assess your stress

Use these interactive tools, available through Healthwise®, to measure your stress level and find out how well you cope:

Read these Healthwise articles and build your stress management skills:

Listen to on-demand seminars:

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1Mindfulness Meditations created by Diana Winston for the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC). © 2015 The Regents of the University of California. All Rights Reserved.

This material is provided by Cigna for informational/educational purposes only. It is not medical/clinical advice. Only a health care provider can make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment plan. For more information about your behavioral health benefits, you can call the member services or behavioral health telephone number listed on your health care ID card.