All About Autism

Get expert advice that can help you handle some day-to-day challenges for parents who have children with autism. Learn useful tips and tools that are designed to help.

How to Encourage Your Child to Listen

The presentation examines seven important components of instructional control to assist in gaining your child's compliance.

Presenter: Mary Knowles, BCBA w/ Behavior Analysis Inc.

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Past Topics

All About Autism

Programming for Advanced Learners with ASD

March 2018

Presenter: Evelyn Kung, MA, BCBA, CARD Clinical Director

Read the handout [PDF]

Gastrointestinal Problems in Children with ASD

February 2018

Presenter: Eric Levey, M.D. Chief Medical Officer, Health Services for Children with Special Needs

Read the handout [PDF]

Parent Involvement in ABA Treatment Programs for Individuals with ASD

January 2018

Presenter: Jamie Goodrich, MA, BCBA, CARD Clinical Quality Manager

Read the handout [PDF]

ABC Data Recording and Consequence-Based Strategies for Behavior Change

October 2017

Presenter: Anthony Hamedi, BCBA

Read the handout [PDF]

Important Skills for Sexual Education

September 2017

Presenter: Carly Graf, BCBA

Read the handout [PDF]

Teaching Language to Children with Autism

August 2017

Presenter: Mary Knowles, BCBA

Read the handout[PDF]

Oral Medication

July 2017

Presenter: Melissa L Olive, BCBA-D, PHD

Read the handout [PDF]

Transition and Planning for the Future

June 2017

Presenter: Nagla Moussa, Moussa Autism Consulting LLC

Read the handout [PDF]

Using Behavior Charts Successfully to Modify Behaviors

May 2017

Presenter: Johanna McDonald, BCBA, MA

Read the handout [PDF]

Evidenced Based Teaching Strategies for Individuals with ASD

April 2017

Presenter: Maegen Pierce, BCBA, MA

Read the handout [PDF]

Social Skills and How they Relate to My Child

March 2017

Presenter: Nancy Harris-Kroll, LBA, MSED from The Learning Resource Center

Read the handout [PDF]

Managing Challenging Behaviors at Home; Tools, Strategies, and Support

February 2017

Presenter: Emily Berman, BCBA, MA from Gateway Learning Center

Read the handout [PDF]

Diagnosing Autism and What Comes Next

January 2017

Presenter: Natalie Roth, LP, PHD from Alternative Behavior Strategies

Read the handout [PDF]

Potty Training Basics: an ABA Approach

October 2016

Presenter: Megan Haupert, BCBA

Read the handout [PDF]

Wandering and Elopement - AWAARE Program

September 2016

Presenter: Nagla Moussa, President of North Texas National Autism Association

Read the handout [PDF]

Post-Secondary Opportunities & Options for ALL Students with Autism

August 2016

Presenter: Cathryn Weir, Think College

Read the handout [PDF]

Everyone Stims: When to Re-direct, Evaluating Self Stimulatory Behaviors

July 2016

Presenter: Christina Sebastian, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services, California Psychcare Inc.

Read the handout [PDF]

Decreasing Problem Behaviors by Using Reinforcement

June 2016

Presenter: Rachel Fouche, LMFT, MA, Executive Director of Therapeutic Learning Consultants, Inc.

Read the handout [PDF]

Helpful Hints and Handouts for Families

May 2016

Presenter: Terri Howard, BCBA, Founder and Director of Southlake Autism and Behavior Services

Read the handout [PDF]
Helpful handout [PDF]

How to Get the Most out of Your In-home Therapy: The Importance of Parent Participation in Child Gains

April 2016

Presenter: Melissa Union, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA, Navigation Behavioral Consulting, LLC

Read the handout [PDF]

Individualized Educational Program (IEP) and Parents Rights

March 2016

Presenter: Melissa Olive, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director, Applied Behavioral Strategies, LLC

Read the handout [PDF]

Functions of Behavior

February 2016

Presenter: Michael Conteh, M.Ed, BCBA, Executive Director of TDLC and Project Autism

Read the handout [PDF]

Putting the FUN into Play Dates

January 2016

Presenter: Rosa E. Patterson, MS, BCBA, Executive Director, Autism Behavior Services, Inc.

Read the handout [PDF]

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