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Behavioral Awareness Series: The Truth About Eating Disorders

Whether you're affected by an eating disorder or know someone who is, these free seminars will give you information that may be helpful for you or someone you love.

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This Month’s Seminar

Eating Disorders and Substance Use: Switching Deckchairs on the Titanic

Given the complexity and nature of eating disorders, this presentation is intended to shed some light on the similarities between many eating disorders and substance use disorders. Many people who suffer with an eating disorder may also struggle with the use of alcohol, drugs, or other forms of self-medication. The risk of exchanging one form of a problem (an eating disorder) for another related problem (substance use disorder or other) has been a source of concern.

The presentation will show many forms of eating disorders as an addiction. Given the tendency for a person to “switch” from one form of “addiction” to another, it is important to identify related problems. This plays a big role when finding the appropriate treatment for those who fit this profile.

Date and Time: Tuesday, January 25, 2022, 1 – 2 pm ET

Presenter: Marty Lerner, PhD, Milestones in Recovery

Call-in number: US/CAN Toll Free:  1 (866) 770-3260    Int'l Toll: 1 (509) 844-9004

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