Vision Preferred Provider Organization (VPPO) Plans

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Vision Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

What is a Vision Preferred Provider Organization plan?

With the Vision Preferred Provider Organization plan (PPO) through Cigna, you and your family members have access to quality vision care. We offer a large specialty network1 of optometrists, ophthalmologists and nationally recognized eye care retailers so you'll have plenty of choices. You'll save the most money when you choose an in-network eye care provider.

If you choose the Preferred Provider Organization Vision plan through Cigna, it's important to know you can:

  • Find and use an in-network eye care provider near you. You can easily search the Cigna Vision Directory to find in-network eye care providers. Please be aware that the Cigna Vision PPO network is separate from Cigna's medical plan networks.
  • Pay a copay at the time of service for in-network services, including any amount over the Vision PPO plan's allowance for materials (e.g., eyeglass frames and contact lenses) when the plan covers materials.2 There is no paperwork for you when you use in-network providers.
  • You pay the full cost of out-of-network care when you get the service. You will need to submit a claim form and itemized receipt for reimbursement of any amount the Vision PPO plan covers. You save money when you use in-network providers.

1Competitive landscape based on publicly available industry numbers found on company websites as of December 2015.

2Plan deductibles, coinsurance, copays, frequency limitations, allowances, and options may apply. Not all vision exams, materials or services are covered. For example, exams and materials required by an employer, medical or surgical treatment of the eyes, and any experimental or non-conventional treatment or devices are generally not covered. Some plans limit coverage to materials only. This is not a complete list of exclusions or limitations and the terms of your employer’s specific plan may vary. Please refer to your plan documents or contact your employer for more information on costs and what’s covered and not covered by the plan.

Vision plans are insured and/or administered by Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company. Policy forms: OK - HP-APP-1 et al., OR - HP-POL38 02-13, TN - HP-POL43/HC-CER1V1 et al.