Provider and Pharmacy Directories

Provider and Pharmacy Directories

When it comes to your health, finding a trusted provider and pharmacy matters. We provide tools to help you find in-network providers and pharmacies quickly.

Use our online lookup tools to find an in-network doctor or compare 2021 network pharmacies.

If you want a paper copy, you can print your own directory by finding your home state below or ask us to send a printed directory in the mail.

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Find a doctor, hospital, or other health care provider in our Medicare Advantage network.

Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) Provider and Pharmacy Directories

To view or print your Provider and Pharmacy Directory at home, select your state below (each file includes both doctor and pharmacy listings).

2021 Documents
Alabama - North HMO
Alabama - South HMO
Alabama - PPO
2021 Documents
Arizona - Phoenix HMO
Arizona - Phoenix Alliance
Arizona - Tucson HMO
2021 Documents
Arkansas HMO
Arkansas - East HMO
2021 Documents
Colorado HMO
Colorado PPO
2021 Documents
Delaware HMO
Delaware PPO
2021 Documents
District of Columbia HMO
District of Columbia PPO
2021 Documents
Florida - Central HMO
Florida - Northwest HMO
Florida - Central PPO
2021 Documents
Georgia (all counties excluding Catoosa, Dade, and Walker) HMO
Georgia - Northwest (Catoosa, Dade, Walker) HMO
Georgia PPO
Georgia - Northwest PPO
2021 Documents
Illinois HMO
Illinois PPO
2021 Documents
Kansas HMO
Kansas PPO
2021 Documents
Maryland HMO
Maryland Alliance
2021 Documents
Mississippi - South HMO
Mississippi PPO
2021 Documents
Missouri HMO
Missouri PPO
2021 Documents
New Jersey HMO
New Jersey PPO
2021 Documents
New Mexico HMO
New Mexico PPO
2021 Documents
North Carolina HMO
North Carolina PPO
2021 Documents
Ohio HMO
Ohio PPO
2021 Documents
Oklahoma PPO
2021 Documents
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Area HMO
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia Area Alliance HMO
Pennsylvania PPO
2021 Documents
South Carolina HMO
2021 Documents
Tennessee - East HMO
Tennessee - Knoxville HMO
Tennessee - Middle HMO
Tennessee - Nashville Alliance
Tennessee Synergy IPA HMO
Tennessee - West HMO
Tennessee PPO
Tennessee - East PPO
2021 Documents
Texas - DFW and San Antonio HMO
Texas - Main Service Area (Houston Area), Texas Valley, El Paso, and Northeast Texas HMO
Texas - North Texas (Non-DFW Areas) HMO
Texas - North Texas PPO
Texas True Choice PPO
2021 Documents
Utah PPO
2021 Documents
Virginia - Southern PPO

Prescription Drug (Part D) Pharmacy Directories

To view or print your Standalone Part D Pharmacy Directory at home, select your plan below.

Want us to send a directory in the mail? Request a directory to be mailed to you, or call Customer Service at 1 (800) 222-6700 (TTY 711).

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