Advancing the Race Dialogue

Advancing the Race Dialogue

At Cigna, we value and celebrate diversity and inclusion.
Acts of racial injustice can bring on many emotions. Find strategies for maintaining your well-being and resources to take action and build better understanding.

Together, we can begin the path forward.

Recent events have placed a spotlight on systemic racism in American culture. Increasingly, experts are defining racism as a public health crisis where no one is immune. Cigna is committed to advancing the conversation on systemic racism, and improving the lives in the communities we serve. This process forward will require compassion for self and others.

Supportive black dad talk cheering sad preschooler

Impact of Racial Injustice: Talking with Kids

Find out the best ways to speak with your children about racial injustice.

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Frustrated business man sitting alone

Self-Care Strategies in Stressful Times

Get tips for reducing your stress so you can be more effective at making positive change.

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A Resolute Belief

No person should ever be subjected to unjust treatment because of who they are, what they believe, or what they look like.