The Benefits of Supplemental Insurance

The Benefits of Supplemental Insurance

Know your benefits, protect your finances.

What is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental insurance is all the types of insurance beyond health insurance, including dental, cancer, life, accident and critical illness coverage. These insurance benefits can help keep you healthy and help protect your finances, too.

If you worry about the cost of care and how it affects your health, finances, and future, you’re not alone. Check out this short video to find out what other Americans think about health, well-being, and financial security. Learn what steps others are taking to lower their health insurance costs.

Why should I get life insurance?

What would happen to your family's financial health if something unexpected were to happen to you? Could they maintain their standard of living? Pay for college tuition? Pay for household bills? What about monthly mortgage or rent?

We know money may be tight for you these days, but don't be tempted to skimp on one of the most important and cost-effective options you can take to help protect your family's financial health.

Why would I need to update my life insurance plan?

It's important to review your life insurance needs regularly to help ensure your policy keeps pace with changes in your life. For example, events like marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of a child, reduction or increase in your income, children entering or finishing college, and large purchases like a new home can all impact the level of coverage you may need.

Depending on what changes have occurred, you may need to reassess your coverage needs. At the same time, check your beneficiary designation on your policy to make any necessary updates to be sure your policy benefits are distributed in accordance to your wishes.

See if your life insurance is keeping up with your needs

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