Case Management
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Case Management

Get info on what case management is, how you qualify, and how to access these programs.

What is Case Management?

Do you have a chronic health condition like diabetes, lupus, or epilepsy? Could you use extra support to manage a health issue? If the answer is yes, the Case Management program may be right for you.

The Case Management team is made of nurses, health coaches, pharmacists, and other staff who work behind the scenes to help customers, like you, manage their health conditions.

These services are available at no cost to you, and anyone can apply. Participation is voluntary, and you can end at any time without affecting your health care benefits in any way.

What do Case Managers do?

Make clear your health issue and how to spot and treat symptoms

Help you join programs to improve your health, such as preventive care and healthy living, or giving support for hard end-of-life issues

Review your medicines, make sure you know how to take them, and discuss possible side effects

Arrange care between your doctor(s) and specialists, and support their efforts to keep you healthy

Help you set goals and aid you as you work toward them

Support you and your family with changes of care between health care settings, such as from home to hospital or hospital to skilled nursing facility

Who qualifies for Case Management?

Anyone can apply for assistance from Case Management. It is most helpful for customers who:

  • Have more serious health concerns like diabetes with uncontrolled blood sugar
  • Find it hard to pay for their medications
  • Go many times to the Emergency Room
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How can I access Cigna Case Management?

Provider Referral

One of your doctors may suggest you. A Case Manager will call or mail you to review your needs.

Health Plan Referral

Cigna may name you as a good choice for case management. If so, we will give you a call.

Caregiver Referral or Personal Request

You, a family member, or a caregiver can also talk to us at 1 of the numbers below.

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