Employee Assistance Program

Licensed Clinicians Available through EAP

Get access to dedicated clinicians on the phone, through face-to-face, and virtual options.

As part of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), access to clinical service options will depend on the plan purchased by your employer*. You get access to licensed clinicians to help you with emotional, behavioral, and other issues you may be experiencing. What's more, EAP services are available to anyone in your household as well.

EAP clinicians are available in three ways (depending on the plan purchased by your employer):

  • You can meet with a contracted licensed EAP counselor in person or virtually for a set number of sessions per issue at no cost (if purchased by your employer). Call or use live chat to request find-a-provider assistance for a provider referral with confirmed appointment availability. Or use our online provider directory.
  • You can talk with an EAP telephone consultant.

To learn more about the EAP services available to you, please log in to the myCigna® website.

*If you purchase a plan through the marketplace, you may not be offered Cigna's Employee Assistance Program.

About Cigna's EAP Services

The following list shows a range of services that an EAP consultant can connect you with.

Elder Care

  • Companion services
  • Home health care
  • Safety monitoring


  • Spending habits
  • Budgeting strategies
  • Debt consolidation
  • Managing credit
  • Retirement planning

Physical Health

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise

Emotional Health

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Grief


  • Job skills
  • Career growth
  • Interviewing and networking


  • Marital
  • Domestic Violence

Family Life

  • Parenting
  • Development
  • Childcare


  • Domestic/Family Law
  • Civil Law
  • Real Estate Law

Substance Use

How do I meet with an EAP clinician in person?

EAP is different from behavioral health benefits. To visit an EAP counselor you need prior authorization, which you can get in two ways.

Are you:

  • Seeking an outpatient assessment or referral for EAP services?
  • Not in treatment for substance use?

If you answered yes, request authorization through myCigna.

Are you:

  • In treatment for mental health or substance use issues?
  • Seeking inpatient treatment?
  • Considering inpatient, day treatment, or residential treatment?

Please contact us at the number on your Cigna ID card or the program number provided by your employer.

How do I talk with a EAP consultant on the phone?

An EAP telephone consultation is a phone-based service designed to:

  • Help you clarify concerns
  • Help you with problem solving
  • Connect you to appropriate resources

EAP telephone consults last 20 to 30 minutes, and are available Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time.

If you need help after hours, or on the weekend or on a holiday, call your EAP 800 number directly. EAP telephone consultations are not intended to provide crisis counseling. If you're in crisis, please call 911 immediately.

When you're ready to request a call, please submit a request through myCigna.

This material is provided by Cigna for informational/educational purposes only. It is not medical/clinical advice. Only a health care provider can make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment plan. For more information about your behavioral health benefits, you can call the member services or behavioral health telephone number listed on your health care ID card.