Legal Services through EAP

Need legal help? Cigna's Employee Assistance Program is here for you.

Finding legal help - and paying for it - can feel overwhelming. Your EAP's legal services program gives you 24/7 access to licensed attorneys for consultation and local services. You and your dependents are eligible to receive one free 30 minute consultation per legal issue. The consultation can happen over the phone or face-to-face. If you need further legal assistance, you can get it at reduced rates (typically at a 25 percent discount, depending on the type of legal service) from an in-network attorney.

What's included?

Help is available for almost all types of legal questions and matters. You can get help with:

  • Domestic/Family Law - divorce, child custody disputes, child support issues
  • Civil Law - warranty rights, neighbor disputes, small claims court questions, "lemon law" or other consumer questions
  • Real Estate Law - rental agreements, landlord/ tenant disputes, sales or purchase questions, property rights, taxes
  • Estate Planning - questions about wills, trusts, probate procedures
  • Other - business partnership questions, minor criminal issues, personal bankruptcy questions, contracts

What's excluded?

Some legal services aren't covered by the program. These services include employment law and other matters which could impact your employer. Here are some examples of questions or concerns that are excluded:

  • Workplace safety - accidents, injuries, or illnesses
  • Co-worker liability (including workplace assaults or threats)
  • Employee benefits issues/disputes or disputes concerning the agents of company-sponsored benefits or services
  • Pension rights
  • Employment termination
  • Retirement questions or disputes
  • Employer-based civil rights violations (including workplace sexual harassment allegations)

Our legal services provide access to over 6,500 referral law firms and 20,000 legal providers throughout North America.1 The conveniently located firms provide access to experienced lawyers who are members in good standing with their local bar association. In addition, we provide our EAP customers with a unique advantage - an expanded legal services program for parents of employees and their spouses. This expanded benefit allows parents to obtain information and guidance on eldercare issues. This can include estate planning, power of attorney, living wills, death of spouse, etc.

Contact your EAP

To contact your counselor, call the toll-free number found on your EAP wallet card, brochure, or medical ID card. You can read more about how to access a licensed clinicians through EAP.


This material is provided by Cigna for informational/educational purposes only. It is not medical/clinical advice. Only a health care provider can make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment plan. For more information about your behavioral health benefits, you can call the member services or behavioral health telephone number listed on your health care ID card.