Service Coordination

Service coordination is a service Cigna-HealthSpring provides for you. You and your Cigna-HealthSpring Service Coordinator will work together to assess your health needs. Together you will also create a care plan, organize all your services, and then monitor your progress toward your health care goals. When you join Cigna-HealthSpring, you will automatically have a Service Coordinator available to you.

You will be able to contact your Cigna-HealthSpring Service Coordinator by phone with questions and concerns: Call toll free at 1-877-725-2688
(TTY 711)

You can also call Cigna-HealthSpring Member Services who can help you contact your Service Coordinator: Call toll free at 1-877-653-0327 (TTY 711)

The Cigna-HealthSpring Service Coordinator's job is to help you coordinate all of the services needed to meet your health care needs. A Service Coordinator will help you whether or not your PCP is in our network. If you are Dual Eligible, this means you are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. You will receive most Acute Care services, including medicines, through Medicare rather than Medicaid. Your Service Coordinator will:

  • Call you and get to know you and your health care, long-term care, and behavioral health needs
  • Use a health risk assessment to help decide if you need more help right away
  • Talk with any case managers, doctors, pharmacists, or other persons that you say are important for your care needs
  • Help you find the services you need in your community
  • Write a care plan with you, your family's, and your PCP's help
  • Stay in contact with you to check up on your health and keep track of your care plan and the progress you are making toward your care plan goals