2010 - U.S. health care reform begins with several consumer-focused provisions

Grandfathered plans
Early Retiree Reinsurance Program
Online resources
Appeals and external review
Cancellation of coverage (rescissions)
Dependent coverage to age 26
Doctor choice
Dollar limits on essential health benefits
Emergency care
Prohibition in favor of highly compensated individuals
No pre-existing condition limitations for enrollees under 19
Preventive services/immunizations without cost share
Temporary high risk pools
No unreasonable premium increases

2011 - After a year of new reform regulations, focus shifted to preparation for the future.

Health savings account distribution tax penalty
Eliminate the Medicare Part D coverage "Donut Hole"
Medical loss ratio
Over-the-counter drugs

2012 - The PPACA will create administrative standards in United States health care.

Encouraging integrated health systems
Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Quality of care reporting
Reducing paperwork and administrative costs
Comparative Effectiveness Research Fee
Women's Health Amendment
W-2 Reporting

2013 - Final preparations heading into reform's pinnacle in 2014.

Flexible spending account limits
Expanded authority to bundle payments
Increased Medicare Part A tax on wages and investment income

2014 - The year several key health reform provisions take effect

Health Insurance Marketplaces/Exchanges
Individual mandate
Essential health benefits
No pre-existing conditions for all ages
Clinical trials
Dollar limits on essential health benefits: annual
Cost-Sharing Limits
Wellness Program Incentives
Guaranteed availability/renewability
Waiting periods
Auto enrollment
Health insurance industry fee
Reinsurance fee

2015 - A year of provisions delayed or having transitional relief

Employer mandate
Large Employer Reporting Responsibilities
Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting

2016 - Changes to rules with specific impacts on employer-sponsored coverage

Employer mandate
Small employer definition change
New individual out-of-pocket rules

2017 - Ongoing federal requirements on health plans

Employer-sponsored wellness program notice
Nondiscrimination (Section 1557 of ACA)
Summary of Benefits and Coverage: revised documents
State Innovation Waivers (Section 1332)
Marketplace expansion option

2018 – No provisions scheduled to take effect.

2019 – Modifications to the Affordable Care Act begin with effective repeal of the Individual Mandate

Individual Mandate
Medicare Part D

2020 - No provisions currently take effect.

2021 - No provisions currently take effect.

2022 - Cadillac Tax, the final provision of original ACA, takes effect

Cadillac excise tax