Take Advantage of Personalized Support

Cigna One Guide® service gives you guidance when you need it the most.

Making health care decisions can be confusing. There are so many questions: Are you paying too much for a prescription? Is this provider in your network? How can you make healthier choices? Cigna One Guide service is there to help you find answers to questions like these and many more.

Our One Guide solution combines digital technology with our personalized customer service. With One Guide, you have the one-on-one support you need to take control of your health — and your health spending. Whether it’s choosing a plan, finding a provider, or exploring ways to improve your health, One Guide is here to help.

One Guide uses data to learn about you, so it can deliver customized alerts, notifications, and other helpful messages. At the same time, it offers you the human touch when you need it most — for health coaching, specialized support, or cost-saving guidance.

You can access a personal guide via app, chat, online or phone, when you need guidance, support or answers.*

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*One Guide service is only available when included by an employer as part of their group medical plan offering. Review your plan materials for the details of your specific health plan.