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Sustainability Performance Plan

As a global health service company, we recognize the connection between personal health and the health of our environment. Cigna considers managing the risks and opportunities associated with climate change and resource scarcity as a significant aspect of our corporate responsibility platform.

Our Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan

Cigna's global real estate team has adopted a strategic sustainability performance plan designed to execute a best-in-class environmental sustainability program to manage our global real estate portfolio.

To deliver on our strategic sustainability performance plan, Cigna global real estate is establishing programs and policies that are designed to significantly improve our energy efficiency.

Our plan is focused on:

  • Reducing our emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste to landfill
  • Reusing and recycling more of what we consume
  • Increasing efficiencies in all our operations
  • Engaging with our employees and key stakeholders to support our corporate responsibility platform

2020 Environmental Goals

Another facet of the new strategic sustainability performance plan sets the environmental cost and conservation targets for our domestic portfolio. While we've been measuring our progress for many years, our 2020 environmental goals represent Cigna's commitment to set specific annual and longer-term targets.


We continue to make strategic investments to improve our performance. As we have worked towards our 2020 environmental goals, we continue to monitor our emissions, energy, and water performance. We also make capital investments to support our reduction targets.

Sustainability Oversight

To deliver on our strategic sustainability performance plan and 2020 environmental goals, our corporate responsibility team works closely with our Cigna global real estate team. Additionally, cross-functional perspectives from our Cigna Connects Corporate Responsibility Governance Council support our sustainability efforts.

We engage our employees on behavioral change initiatives and integrating the principles of sustainability into decision-making processes.  We communicate conservation information to employees by displaying posters with facts about energy, paper, and water use and benefits of conserving and recycling in common areas in our offices such at bathrooms, near printers, and around recycling containers.

Managing our Real Estate Portfolio

Cigna monitors and works to comply with all environmental regulations and legislation. The global real estate team utilizes a proprietary technology data management portal to assist in the ongoing identification of sustainability risks and opportunities in our overall real estate portfolio.

In 2018, the reporting boundary of Cigna's global real estate portfolio consisted of approximately 7.653 million square feet of owned and leased properties. The majority of global real estate portfolio is domestic with approximately 5.766 million square feet in 41 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our international properties contain approximately 1.887 million square feet located throughout the following countries: Taiwan, United Kingdom, Singapore, Belgium, Korea, Spain, New Zealand, Thailand, China, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Bahrain, India, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Turkey, and Kenya.

The majority of properties in our global real estate portfolio are leased properties. In 2019, we will continue to focus on strengthening our partnerships with the management companies for leased properties, in support of Cigna’s Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan. In 2019, we will also be integrating Express Scripts Holding Company (Express Scripts) properties in our boundary as well, and reviewing future environmental targets and plans as we move forward as a combined company.

Green Building Certifications and Ratings

Cigna’s strategic sustainability performance plan is intended to follow the United States Green Building Council's LEED® guidelines for Green Building Operations and Management.

Cigna currently has 16 Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Certified buildings in our real estate portfolio, including 2 Platinum LEED® certified properties; 5 Gold LEED® certified properties; and 8 Silver LEED® certified properties. Cigna Tower in Seoul, South Korea, a Cigna-owned site, also holds a LEED® Gold certification and G-SEED certification.

Cigna’s global real estate team currently has 34 sites enrolled in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® program that was developed to monitor a building’s energy and compare performance on an ongoing basis. In addition, all 12 of Cigna office locations in the United Kingdom hold an ISO.50001, Energy Management System Accreditation.

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Disclaimer: The report covers calendar year 2018 and unless otherwise noted, excludes the combination with Express Scripts, which closed on December 20, 2018.