At Cigna, customer centricity is the practice of putting our customers’ satisfaction at the center of everything that we do in order to deliver solutions that meet our diverse clients’ unique health, financial, and experiential needs. Our combination with Express Scripts® has strengthened and informed our customer centricity practices and strategy as we are able to leverage the resources of our combined company to solicit and act on customer feedback and insights. This allows for an integrated and responsive experience for customers across the enterprise.

Cigna’s customer centricity efforts put tools, training, and resources in the hands of every Cigna employee in ways that are relevant to their specific roles and the impact that their work ultimately has on our customers. These endeavors allow us to deliver solutions that align with our customers’ needs; partner with our customers to help them proactively navigate their health journey; and maximize the value our customers get from our products and services. Oversight for our customer portfolio is provided by Cigna's Executive Operating Committee (EOC) who receive regular updates on our progress against a defined set of objectives in the areas of engagement, efficiency, value generation, and satisfaction.

Key Enterprise Metrics

We use data analytics to review and synthesize information – comprising 30 billion data points, both quantitative and qualitative, from 11 cross-channel sources – to gain insight and build better, more responsive systems to serve our customers.

An essential component of our customer centricity strategy is having a consistently measured, enterprise-wide metric that provides insights into our customer relationships. To this end, Cigna uses the enterprise Net Promoter Score (eNPS) measurement to track total satisfaction and trends across the company and against competitors. The score measures how likely a customer is to recommend Cigna to their friends and family. The idea is simple: If you like doing business with a company, you are more likely to share this experience with others. Having a clear metric to measure our progress helps drive value for our customers, and for our company. Simply put, it is central to our growth strategy.

We have also found that having insight into customers’ satisfaction with their service experience across channels – including phone, internet, and click to chat – is invaluable as our customers' overall relationship with our company is mediated through this engagement. Improving customers’ multichannel service experience has been a key focus for us over many years. We measure our progress against this goal through the transactional Net Promoter Score (tNPS) metric, which asks customers about the likelihood of their recommending Cigna to their family or friends based on a recent service interaction. We also analyze customer satisfaction data and information through post call surveys; online feedback; social media engagement; call monitoring; customer comments; and our respective websites and mobile apps.

In 2019, Cigna continued to leverage these enterprise-wide customer satisfaction insights to improve our customer-facing processes and services. To this end, we have recently implemented the following customer centricity initiatives:

  • One Guide® – Our integrated, multichannel, and human-centered advocacy infrastructure that combines intuitive digital tools and services with the expertise and empathy of our Personal Guides, and is powered by our proprietary analytics.
  • Customer Empathy Training – Frontline employees receive this training during their onboarding and then are measured through a quality monitoring program that is managed by our Service Operations team.
  • Digital Activation and Engagement – We recognize that customers increasingly seek to interact with us seamlessly across channels and with a focus on digital. Our investments in building a comprehensive suite of digital tools and services and in getting our customers to use them more frequently are helping us drive more customer engagement when and where they want to interact with us.

As a result of these targeted improvement efforts, we have continued to see increased satisfaction scores across key areas of the business. This includes a four point average yearly increase in Cigna’s Transactional Net Promoter Scores over the past four years and increased satisfaction scores and engagement for customers who use One Guide.

Customer Insights, Segmentation, and Moments That Matter

Cigna also uses customer insights to inform our strategic areas of focus and bring customer-focused experiences to life in a compelling way. Our insights strategy team actively uses our consumer segmentation model, which classifies our customers into eight distinct customer segments, to help us design more personalized solutions and experiences. We have also completed research to identify the moments in our customers' journey that matter most. We leverage this information to deliver best-in-class experiences at those junctures and in those moments.

Cigna’s Customer Centricity Ambassadors

Selected from thousands of candidates through a thorough and thoughtful vetting process, Cigna’s more than 300 customer centricity ambassadors (“ambassadors”) ensure that customer centricity is embedded in our company and act as advocates for our customers. Our customer centricity initiatives are overseen by Cigna’s customer centric action team, which provides strategic and tactical direction to our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors solve complex and unusual customer problems, in part by leveraging a robust ambassador network, which cuts across businesses, geographies, and silos. In their unique roles, ambassadors also advance solutions by piloting initiatives and suggesting process enhancements to improve the customer experience, while influencing colleagues to do the same. Additionally, our ambassadors champion customer centricity initiatives and the exchange of ideas through individual conversations, manager engagement, team presentations, department newsletters, and large-scale employee engagement, as well as community events.

In seeking to find solutions for our customers, our ambassadors are continually educating different lines of business about customers’ needs and experiences – and receiving feedback from our different lines of businesses. This iterative process allows us to build solutions into our processes for long-term improvement. This grassroots effort creates awareness about customers’ needs and embeds customer and patient culture in every decision, discussion, and action we make as a company.

Ambassadors are invaluable to our enterprise as their efforts drive changes that help to differentiate Cigna in the marketplace, add value at the key moments that matter most to our customers, and position us to deliver on our brand promise.

Customer Centricity Community Engagement Highlights

Awareness Events: Living with Disabilities

Each year ambassadors host the Group Disability Awareness Day to educate employees about what it is like to live with disabilities. The event was designed to help employees understand how various impairments can impact functionality and daily living.

Volunteers posing for picture

Working with Clients

In 2019, our ambassadors presented to multiple prospective clients on Cigna’s culture and the invaluable work of our employee ambassadors.

Volunteers posing for picture

Giving Back

St. Louis employees hosted our annual Puppies and Potluck event in 2019. We invite a local animal rescue nonprofit to attend the event every year. Employees attending the gathering spent time with the dogs from the rescue – socializing them to larger crowds, playing with them, and showing them affection. Several dogs were adopted as a result of the event, which gains in popularity every year.

Volunteers posing for picture