Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness

Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness

Policies, Procedures, and Training to Keep Our Employees Safe

Cigna maintains a comprehensive health and safety program and policy that governs all aspects of our business and provides guidance on our interactions with each other as well as our clients, contractors, visitors, suppliers, and vendors. We continually focus on the health and safety of our employees and their physical workplace conditions. In particular, our health and safety initiatives revolve around preventing slips, trips and falls, ergonomic, and overexertion injuries. We are committed to continuous improvement – meeting and exceeding industry standards as well as actively adapting to industry changes and advancements.

Various departments and cross-functional groups with lines of sight across the business, including Global Real Estate, Global Risk Management, Human Resources, Global Security, an Employee Health Advisory Team, and Safety Committees, lead our efforts to comply with all applicable codes and regulations pertaining to health and safety. To this end, Cigna’s Safety Committees conduct health and safety audits semiannually and make corrective action recommendations as required. This work is supported by Global Risk Management, which investigates incident reports and partners with appropriate stakeholders to remediate any identified safety hazards.

In 2019, the integration of Cigna and Express Scripts® provided our combined company with an opportunity to review and strengthen our health and safety policies and programs. Over the course of the year, a dedicated working group of functional experts from both companies evaluated our health and safety policies and programs with the goal of eliminating redundancies and expanding best practices across the business. In 2020, we will build on this work by:

  • Broadening legacy Express Script’s annual safety action process to all Cigna locations.
  • Completing the consolidation and integration of 30+ Cigna and legacy Express Scripts health and safety policies.
  • Expanding access to legacy Express Script’s suite of workplace health and safety courses to all Cigna employees.

Our Global Security team has implemented robust security policies – inside the U.S. and in the more than 30 other countries where we operate. We have made trainings on these health and safety policies and procedures available to employees through our company intranet to maximize accessibility. Additionally, a 24/7 Global Security team emergency telephone number is embossed on every Cigna employee ID badge. This allows employees to easily report security and safety-related issues. Starting in 2020, when employees receive a new ID badge they will also receive a card that indicates when to call the emergency number, as well as Active Shooter guidance.

Every employee is responsible and accountable for ensuring the safety of our workplace and adhering to safe work practices and procedures established by Cigna. Management actively supports and encourages participation by all employees in our company’s safety initiatives. To this end, we maintain a comprehensive ergonomic program, which includes online courses on workstation ergonomics as well as access to vocational counselors who assist employees with proper workstation setup and discuss alternative mobility options. The program includes follow-up on ergonomic risk factors and recommendations after an initial evaluation. We also offer online courses on workplace violence awareness and violence prevention in addition to wellness topics such as mindfulness, meditation, stress management, healthy eating, and happiness.

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A Whole Person Health Approach to Well-Being

During Cigna and Express Script’s integration in 2019, our Benefits Team established a set of guiding principles to develop a meaningful framework and strategy to support employees’ health and wellness. From leading the market through innovation – with a focus on health and well-being – to offering personalized programs and services that guide employees through multiple life stages, we deliver meaningful choice, flexibility, and peace of mind with a focus on improving our employees’ health.

To advance employee well-being, we are continuing to execute on a multi-year plan that includes an evolving global strategy targeting top U.S and global health risks, quarterly population health metrics, and site-specific employee health dashboards. We have also broadened our incentives platform to reward employees for positive actions across the physical, mental, social, environmental, and financial dimensions of health. In 2019, we began executing on a communications campaign to promote education on available programs, incentives, and services both onsite and virtually. We are continuously leveraging digital communication techniques, in part, to target a growing remote employee population that accounted for at least 40% of our workforce in 2019.

Healthy Life Workplace Well-being Strategy

Our enterprise well-being strategy advocates a supportive work environment and culture of health; connects people to total health options for care and coaching; and drives personal engagement and accountability for healthy choices.

To this end, our strategy focuses on promoting a workplace culture of health by:

  • Leveraging Cigna’s leading products and services;
  • Driving employees and their families to take greater personal accountability for their health;
  • Managing company costs and employee cost sharing;
  • Improving workforce productivity while positively impacting business results; and
  • Providing programs and resources that enable a personalized approach to employee health and well-being.

Our Healthy Life Workplace Well-Being Program also includes account-based medical plans that provide our employees with online access to one-on-one health coaching, health and well-being materials, and apps targeting nutrition, resiliency, and financial wellness. We also offer a variety of holistic onsite programs, such as health and fitness centers, health coaches, and mental health well-being and support. The latter includes meditation rooms and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) counselors, who are available for in-person and phone consultations.

With so many resources available, we strive to make it easy for employees to navigate and choose options that make sense for them. In 2019, we implemented a client service partner resource for specific locations and our WAH employees. Employees can use this resource to receive assistance with actions such as earning incentives for healthy lifestyle choices; finding a second opinion; understanding health care plan design; understanding or appealing a medical bill; and reviewing onsite perks. Our goal in creating this resource – and all of our health and well-being resources – is to empower employees to take charge of their health and become more informed health care consumers.

Employees can use tools and resources to learn what it means to be at their best and create a personal plan to achieve specific goals, including:

  1. Finding preventive care;
  2. Working with a personal coach to make progress toward their goals;
  3. Receiving support to quit tobacco, lose weight, and replace stress with resiliency;
  4. Learning how to choose energy-boosting meals and become more physically active;
  5. Managing chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and depression; and
  6. Engaging in global campaigns focused on our key health priorities, including resiliency, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and financial well-being.

In 2019, we delivered personalized health and well-being programs to employees with a continued focus on whole person health – from physical, mental, and emotional health to financial health. To this end, we also launched a new financial wellness assessment and visited 23 offices to educate employees on the value of financial well-being and total health in 2019. Our strategy aims to provide programs that impact all aspects of well-being across Cigna’s diverse, multigenerational, global workforce – ensuring that our employees are able to bring their best self to work each day.

Cigna’s Global Wellness Councils

Cigna’s three Global Wellness Councils (“Wellness Councils”) promote a best-in-class culture of health across the enterprise, with a focus on improving well-being, advancing productivity, and increasing engagement. Our Wellness Councils consist of key stakeholders across the organization who meet throughout the year to review the progress of all Healthy Life programs and assess how health issues are being addressed at local and global levels. Each of our councils support a different geography: Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and the United States, respectively. The councils are supported by country-specific wellness champions and teams that encourage employees to join local programs and activities. Wellness Council members and local champions work together to bring our strategy to life.