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Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness

Employee Health, Safety, and Wellness

Policies, Procedures, and Training to Keep Our Employees Safe

Cigna maintains health and safety policies that govern all aspects of our business and provide guidance on our interactions with each other, our clients, and our vendors. Because we are primarily an office setting, our initiatives revolve around avoidance of slips, trips, and falls and repetitive motion related injuries.

Various departments, including Cigna Global Real Estate, Cigna Global Risk Management, Cigna Human Resources, Cigna Employee Health Advisory Team, and Cigna Global Security, lead our efforts to comply with local and federal laws pertaining to safety and contribute to a work-place environment that embodies Cigna's mission and vision.

Our Global Security team has implemented security policies, inside and outside the United States. Training on these health and safety policies is provided online for our employees to easily access. A 24/7 emergency telephone number is embossed on every Cigna employee ID badge so that employees can easily report security and safety-related issues.

We maintain a comprehensive ergonomic program, which includes vocational counselors to assist with proper workstation set-up and discuss alternative mobility options. Additionally, we offer a Cigna University class on workstation ergonomics.

A Targeted Approach to Health and Wellness

We apply the same focus on improving our customers’ health outcomes to our own employees by delivering programs that support an individual’s journey to better health, all with a focus on personal and affordable options.

To advance employee wellness, we continue to execute on a multi-year plan that includes an evolving global strategy targeting top U.S and global health risks, quarterly population health metrics, and site-specific employee health dashboards. We provide a robust incentives platform to reward employees for healthy actions. We also execute on a communications campaign to promote education on available programs, incentives, and services both onsite and virtually. This makes Cigna a healthier, more productive organization, and we believe it also makes us a more attractive employer to our current and prospective employees.

Each year, employees are asked to participate in the Healthy Life Post Benefits Enrollment Survey. The 2018 results continue to show very positive feedback from our employees, with 90.5% of employees stating that they believe that Cigna shows concern for their health, well-being, and security and 94% stating that Cigna's culture is supportive of their efforts to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Life Workplace Wellness Strategy

Our enterprise wellness strategy, Healthy Life, advocates a supportive work environment and culture of health, connects people to total health and well-being care and coaching, and drives personal engagement and accountability for healthy choices.

Specifically, our Healthy Life strategy focuses on promoting a workplace culture of health by:

  • Leveraging Cigna’s leading products and services
  • Driving employees and their families to take greater personal accountability for their health
  • Managing company costs and employee cost sharing
  • Improving workforce productivity while positively impacting business results
  • Providing programs and resources that enable a personalized approach to employee health and well-being

Our Healthy Life program, which includes account-based medical plans, provides our employees access to one-on-one health coaching, web-based materials, and apps targeting nutrition, resiliency, and financial wellness among other things, onsite programs including holistic health centers, fitness centers, mental wellbeing support through meditation rooms, EAP counselors, and more. With this support, employees can conveniently take charge of their health and become more informed health care consumers.

Employees can use Healthy Life tools and resources to learn what it means to be at their best and create a personal plan to achieve specific goals, including:

  1. Get preventive care
  2. Work with a personal coach to make progress towards their goals
  3. Receive support to quit tobacco, lose weight, and replace stress with resiliency
  4. Learn how to choose energy boosting meals and be more physically active
  5. Better manage chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, and many more conditions
  6. Engage in global campaigns focused on our key health priorities including resiliency, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and financial wellbeing

In 2018, we expanded our program to deliver more personalized programs that focus on the whole person–from their physical, mental, and emotional health to their financial health. Our strategy aims to provide programs that impact all aspects of well-being across Cigna’s diverse, multi-generational, global workforce–ensuring employees bring their best self to work each day.

Cigna’s Global Wellness Councils

Cigna’s Global Wellness Councils work to advance a best-in-class culture of health across Cigna to improve health and well-being, improve employee productivity, and increase employee engagement. The Wellness Councils consist of key stakeholders across the organization who meet throughout the year to review the progress of all Healthy Life programs and assess how health issues are being addressed at both a global and local level. We have three councils that support Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, and the United States, respectively. Additionally, there are country specific wellness champions and teams that provide enhance awareness to encourage employees to join local programs and activities. Council members and local champions work together to bring our strategy to life.

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Disclaimer: The report covers calendar year 2018 and unless otherwise noted, excludes the combination with Express Scripts, which closed on December 20, 2018.