Fighting the Opioid Epidemic



Cigna is taking steps to reduce its customers' opioid use by 25 percent - which would return to 2006 levels. To achieve this goal, Cigna is tapping into its extensive experience with prevention, wellness and chronic disease management programs, and is working with clients, physicians and others to develop ways to increase prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. Read press release


Cigna is committed to being a national leader on modernizing the approach to the prevention, treatment and communication of substance use disorders. Our approach begins with eliminating the stigma associated with substance use so that people will seek the help they need. We recognize that substance use disorder is a chronic disease. Read more


In response to the drug epidemic sweeping the country, Cigna announced its collaboration with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to improve treatment for people suffering from substance use disorders. Cigna has provided two years of customer claims related to substance use for ASAM to analyze. Read more



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