Pharmacy Management and Credentialing

Pharmacy Management and Credentialing

All the information you need to properly process prescription claims with Cigna

Cigna works with OptumRx for pharmacy benefit management solutions. For non-preferred contracting information, please email For preferred Medicare contracting information, email Cigna at

Updated BIN and PCN Codes

Cigna BIN and PCN codes may have changed since you last used them. Check that you're using the most up to date codes.

Cigna Medicare PDP Ø17Ø1Ø CIHSCARE Ø12353 Ø349ØØØØ
Cigna Medicare MAPD Ø17Ø1Ø CIHSCARE Ø12353 Ø35ØØØØØ
Cigna-HealthSpring® PDP Ø17Ø1Ø CIHSCARE 61ØØ11 HTHSPRING
Cigna-HealthSpring Medicaid Ø17Ø1Ø CIHSCAID 61ØØ11 HSPMCAI
Cigna Pharmacy Services (Commercial) Ø17Ø1Ø Ø215ØØØØ 6ØØ428 Ø215ØØØØ
Cigna International Ø17Ø1Ø Ø216ØØØØ 6ØØ428 Ø216ØØØØ
GWH-Cigna Commercial Ø17Ø1Ø Ø518ØØØØ 6ØØ428 Ø518ØØØØ
Cigna Payer Solutions Ø17Ø1Ø Ø519ØØØØ 6ØØ428 Ø519ØØØØ

Do not delete the old RxBIN (600428).

PLEASE DO NOT turn the customer away if you receive a rejected claim. Ask the customer if they have a new ID card or contact OptumRx at 1 (800) 788-4863.

Pharmacy Audits

Be prepared for your pharmacy audits: