Using Mobile Health to Prevent Diabetes in India

Podcast | November 2016

Using Mobile Health to Prevent Diabetes in India

Fascinating uses of mobile apps to combat diabetes in patients

November is National Diabetes Month. As we strive to raise awareness of diabetes, we're zeroing in on the South Asian population, which is at a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes - four times higher in comparison to other ethnic groups.1 The main contributing factors for the increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes are believed to be genetics and environmental or lifestyle factors.

In this podcast, listen to Dr. Saligram, founder and CEO of Arogya World, speak about the work her organization has done to help prevent diabetes in India through innovative programs such as mDiabetes and My Thali. She also shares highlights from the myArogya app, developed in collaboration with the Cigna Foundation. Dr. Saligram assesses the various factors that influence self-management of type 2 diabetes in the South Asian population. She highlights key strengths and barriers while assessing opportunities for providers and allied health professionals to meet their health care needs by providing South Asians culturally competent and quality health care to help manage their diabetes.

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Diabetes in South Asians



Nalini Saligram, Ph.D.

Nalini Saligram, Ph.D. is founder and CEO of Arogya World (, a global health non-profit committed to changing the course of chronic disease. She is an Ashoka Fellow. Arogya World designs and implements scalable, science-based diabetes prevention programs in Indian schools, workplaces and the community. Under her leadership, the organization developed myArogya, a mobile app for chronic disease prevention for working Indians, with support from the Cigna Foundation.