When your patient's primary language is Spanish, it impedes your ability to get accurate information with English forms. Use these Spanish forms from Cigna for better communication, and better care.

Download the packet [PDF] and get access to all these forms and instructions:

Consent Forms


  • Consent to Immunization - Adult
  • GI Consent to Operation or Other Medical Services
  • Consent to Photograph
  • Consent for Depo-Provera
  • Important Information about Influenza and Influenza Vaccine
  • Consent to Medical Treatment of a Minor
  • Outpatient Surgery Consent to Operation or Other Medical Services
  • Informed Consent for Psychotropic Medication Treatment


Refusal of Treatment or Services Forms


  • Refusal of Medical Services Against Medical Advice
  • Refusal to Vaccinate


Treatment Instructions and Other Clinical Forms


  • Blood Pressure Pocket Card
  • Endoscopy Outpatient Discharge Instructions
  • Home Instructions - Medical
  • Pediatric Sports Physical History
  • Pre-Stimulant Cardiac Screening Checklist
  • Home Instructions - Trauma